Yoga Meditation according to Rudolf Steiner

According to Rudolf Steiner, there are three ways of occult development: 1 Oriental, 2 Christian-Gnostic, 3 rosebud-Christian.

Therefore, there are also three training, meditation, leading to the same goal, but differ in the degree of commitment to each other only pupil to teacher.

1st Oriental training, meditation, also known as yoga, is the development, in which an individual on a physical level living person becomes a dedicated teacher, so-called “gurus” (sanskrt. guru – a reverend, teacher) of another person. The pupil is then completely (in all the individual features) relies on his teacher and depend on it. It is a path suitable for the Indian character. State can be best achieved when the student during the development of completely off my “I” and leaves them to their teachers. The teacher must give advice even when the initiative to act. European culture makes no allowance for such loyalty.

In oriental training is strictly the requirement that the student submitted his mentor. The guidelines, which the Oriental occult teacher education can not give grant public.

In the orient, Djinns were to be perceived as demons.

It may be served as guidelines, can be divided into eight groups: 1 Jama, 2 Niyama, 3 Asanas, 4 Pranayama, 5 Pratjáhára, 6 Dharana, 7 Dhyana, 8 Samad.

2nd Christian training, meditation, is a development that builds on itself instead of an individual teacher Jesus Christ for all. Sense of community for Jesus Christ, be united with him, can replace the commitment to individual teachers. But we need to have it before seeing the earth teacher. Here is the man on the physical level in a certain direction depends on the teacher.

Journey Christian training a student can take the advice of a teacher who knows what needs doing, and who can always at each step to fix this, what went wrong. But there is a great teacher, Jesus Christ. Therefore, it should be sufficient faith belief that Jesus Christ really lived. Without that faith is an emotional connection with him impossible.

What serves as the initiation can be divided into seven stages: 1 Washing feet, 2 Whipping, 3 Crowning with Thorns, 4 Carrying the Cross, 5 Mystic Death, 6 Entombment, 7 Resurrection.

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